State Incorporation Charter

What is a State Charter?

A state incorporation charter is an official document recognizing that organization to carry on religious activities described within the Articles of Incorporation which is certified by the Office of Secretary of State.

What Conditions Must Be Met to Apply For a Charter?

You must have ministerial credentials to apply for a charter under ICCM. If you are the president of the ministry, you are required to hold credentials with ICCM, which means you must be licensed or ordained by ICCM. This policy is primarily for accountability and liability purposes, thereby providing benefits for the credentialed minister as well.

How Do We Apply For a Charter with ICCM?

Complete the ICCM Charter Application & Agreement forms. When we receive your application, our Board of Governors will review and process your application. Once approved, your ministry charter is sent to you  within 30 days.

Under ICCM’s Group Each Charter is Autonomous and Sovereign

ICCM is not for teaching denominational tenets, nor do we desire to create a denominational structure. ICCM believes in the full autonomy of the local church, ministries, and Christian nonprofit organizations. Furthermore, ICCM believes that all property and assets of the local church and your Christian organization should always be recorded in the name of your organization.